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What to say about Etna?…The mountain of superlatives!

Etna is the largest volcano in Europe (3329 m) and the second more active in the world (20 eruptions only in 2013). From june 2013, UNESCO officially registered the volcano and his Park in the World Heritage List.  (Etna Park)

Etna NORTH "Piano Provenzana":

There's no need to be sportive to contemplate the big lava flows which follow one another since millenniums. The show is impressive. You can easily drive by car to "Piano Provenzana" You can reach the summit with 4X4 vehicles (Funivia Etna ). The bravest can, with good trekking shoes, go hiking on the paths and for the most sportives, try the ascent... (Cartes de l'Etna)

L'Etna SOUTH "Rifugio Sapienza":

From Rifugio Sapienza, the access to TORRE DEL FILOSOFO can be done in several way :

- With aerial cableway to 2600 m, than climb up to 3000 m (medium difficulty)

- With aerial cableway to 2600 m, than with 4X4 vehicles (Funivia Etna )

- With good walking shoes, wind-stopper jacket in summer, snow equipment in winter, good training, lot of water and courage...

Never forget that you are in mountain. Plan to be well equipped with sun cream and water. Before to go on trekking, consult the weather forecast.  (Etna weather report)

Attention ! Seul l'accès aux cratères sommitaux est réglementé. Il ne peut se faire qu'en présence de guides professionnels expérimentés :

Etna North Guide

Etna trekking

Etna guide

 For who will prefer the freshness of the undergrowth of pines or hundred-year-old chestnut trees will find picnic areas fitted out for that purpose.

There is also possibility of making horse rides or quads.


Distance from Casa Gallida = 25 km = 35 mn


Distance from Casa Gallida = 34 km = 45 mn